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Creative Sanctuary Mission Statement


Creative Sanctuary exists for the development and promotion of individuals seeking to use their creative abilities for the good of humanity.



Creative Sanctuary Vision


To house the life-giving power of creativity!

Operating in the belief that each individual is created uniquely with abilities for the good of humanity.

Instigating vivacious collaboration.

Choosing to celebrate love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

Rejecting the destructive mindset of comparison and

Recognizing in the diversity of perspectives

Generous patience is essential to navigate the differences of opinions.

Expending all efforts to behave with gentle forbearance,

Knowing that agreement is not a prerequisite for treating each other with kindness.

Defining “the good of humanity” by the values exampled perfectly in the teachings of Jesus to “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Seeking to provide an example and atmosphere of creativity and unity inside diversity!

Disregarding labels, categories and stereotypes to

Embrace the idea that PEOPLE are the priority and LOVE is the method.




Creative Sanctuary Goals

-Build an operations system for multiple Creative Sanctuary locations

The foundation of this system would enable space for relationship building and collaboration,

provide workspaces with correlating equipment for development of ideas in conjunction to the purpose of the specific location.


-Create a system of promotion for completed projects to be shared with the public

and surrounding community.


-Develop these ideas fully and then attain first physical location focusing on the arts/music/poetry.


-Expand to multiple locations that specialize in different creative fields.


Creative Sanctuary will be a 501(c)(3) Starting with a single location.

This will be an all-ages venue where people can hang out, work in collaborative creative areas,

participate in classes/lessons and attend showcase performances.

Creative Sanctuary will employ a management staff responsible for the maintaining of the location,

monitoring of workspaces and equipment, booking of events,

and ensuring the facility remains safe for participants of all ages.


What problem is Creative Sanctuary trying to solve?

Providing answers and creating paths for achievement to those searching for their purpose.

Igniting in people a passion for life, providing hope to people disillusioned by rejection, failure, and fear.


What are the goals Creative Sanctuary is trying to achieve?

-Teaching people how to find meaning in life by finding their purpose

and then how to walk out that purpose and achieve lasting joy.

-Discovering and developing the embedded creative abilities in people and

then encouraging the usage of those abilities for reasons greater than ego.

-Providing alternative methods of education and individual development.

-Promotion of individuals found using their abilities for the good of their community or field of influence


How will Creative Sanctuary measure success?

-By the lives of participating individuals growing and inspired to

pursue development and contribution of their abilities to the good of humanity.

-By the increase of creative projects and activity within the local community.


What resources does Creative Sanctuary have?

The ability to create an inspiring environment in which people like to engage, build connections and pursue growth.

The ability to motivate people to believe their abilities are worth developing!

An ability to create hope in people regardless of social standing or financial resources.


What resources does Creative Sanctuary need?

A space for people to gather and work in.

Kingdom minded people to who will use their talents to build into the lives of others.


Who can help Creative Sanctuary achieve its goals?

-Individuals experienced in organizing a non-profit

-Someone able to assist in the design of an operations system

-People who enjoy being creative and working with others.

-People who believe in generosity

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Previously Creative Sanctuary was a completely volunteer staffed project starting in September 2014.

Housed in a 3-story historic building located in small-town Alexandria, Indiana

This building had areas devoted to staff housing, work studios, and a performance area/gallery/communal lounge space. Volunteers maintained the facility, scheduled weekly performances by musicians, poets, and artists.

We operated a recording studio and produced music for local musicians. CS taught lessons in music and art, collaborated with the local farmers market, and other community events to provide performance opportunities to our network of local musicians. Hosted a collective for writers and poets. Coordinated with local food trucks on performance nights to provide attendees with access to concessions.


It was recognized by Mayor Jack Woods and the local paper, The Times-Tribune, on several occasions for its contribution to the community. It was awarded the “Alexandria Community Pride Winner” and nominated for “Best Live Music Venue in Madison County” in 2015

This Location operated for one year supported by a $5 door fee to Showcase Performances every week

and periodic donations from people in our community.

The current goal is to design a financial structure to enable a more sustainable operating procedure.

This is a vision that has been proven to change and inspire people to believe, hope, and create!



In this new era of pandemics, political division and economic chaos there is an overwhelming need for what this place provides!

Years later people still recount how strongly they were inspired and ignited by the atmosphere in

Creative Sanctuary and we are eager to start again!


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